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   * On "​Accounts"​ tab select "​Transfer Trading → Main"   * On "​Accounts"​ tab select "​Transfer Trading → Main"
   * Select Withdraw, enter your BTC address. Wait a few blocks.   * Select Withdraw, enter your BTC address. Wait a few blocks.
 +====== Exchanging BTG ======
 +  * This was not tested.
 +  * WS charges 10 % processing fees. Unless you are a Bitcoin millionaire,​ paying 10 % is probably worth the convenience.
 +  * WS claim they support multisig wallets too.
 +  * Send your BTC to a new key/wallet.
 +  * Paste your private key to https://​dig.walleting.services/​ (see, this is why it is very important to move your real Bitcoins to a different key beforehand)
 +  * Send your BTG to HitBTC and exchange them as described above.
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