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 +====== GitHub dataset download ======
 +NSA Litoměřice crawled github for 1.5 million public ssh keys. The crawling was performed in the beginning of August 2015. You can download:
 +  * [[http://​povykos.hrach.eu:​8080/​usernames.xz|List of usernames registered on GitHub]] (73 MB)
 +  * [[http://​povykos.hrach.eu:​8080/​keys.xz|List of public keys]] (420 MB)
 +Intended use of the dataset is [[https://​github.com/​FiloSottile/​whosthere|decloaking remote users based on SSH key fingerprint]] and factoring weak keys with [[http://​facthacks.cr.yp.to/​batchgcd.html|Batch-GCD]]. However, we decided to publish the dataset, so you can be creative!
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