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 +====== kalibrate-everything ======
 +{{ :​user:​jenda:​kalibrate.png |}}
 +kalibrate-everything is a generalization of kalibrate-rtl,​ kalibrate-bladeRF,​ kalibrate-hackrf and other things. kalibrate-everything eats gnuradio cfile and it does not care what radio did it come from. It is intended for SDRs that don't have their kalibrate-* fork (yet).
 +  * build.sh
 +  * Pick a strong BTS and if you don't know the frequency, use arfcn tool to get it.
 +  * ./fcch.py -p 40 -d "​rtl=0"​ -f 953e6 -r 1000000 -e 4
 +  * cat fcch.cfile | ./​kalibrate-everything
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