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 +===== Simple usage =====
 +All you need to do is to add
 +<​code>​*/​10 * * * * wget -qO - "​http://​the_dyndns_server/​update.php?​host=myhostname&​pass=secret"</​code>​
 +to your crontab.
 +==== I don't want to have my password in the access log! ====
 +We also support passing password with POST data
 +<​code>​--post-data "​pass=ahoj"</​code>​
 +===== More parameters =====
 +  * email - an optional email address, the administrator can for example contact you or you can request lost password
 +  * aaaa - update with this IPv6 address instead of the address of the computer making the request
 +  * a - the same for IPv4; aaaa and a can't be supplied simultaneously,​ sorry
 +The hostname is automatically expired 1 month after it has been last updated.
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