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 +email=timothyhobbs at seznam.cz|
 +I am a student of Pedagogy from Seattle. ​ I moved to Prague to be closer to my family.
 +** Projects **
 +[[https://​github.com/​timthelion/​gnome-shell-zoom-control-window|gnome-zoom-control-window]]: ​ I use a tablet with zooming functionality. ​ I wanted to be able to controll zoom level with just the stylus, so I forked this project https://​github.com/​tobiasquinn/​gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom ​ .  I love open source!
 +[[https://​github.com/​timthelion/​FCHAD|FCHADs]] are cheep braille displays meant to be a low cost replacement for the expensive bulky peizo electric displays. ​ They display one character at a time, but with quality solenoids should be able to change that character fast enough for reasonable reading speeds. ​ The real trick, is that I've hooked the display up to a tablet, so I can control reading speed with mouse movement, this allows even a single character display to be useful.
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